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Enter the adventure where dreams become reality, where motivation ignites, where ideas take flight, where the magic of enthusiasm and fun provide the instrument of change. Prepare yourself and get ready to experience Boise magician, Bob Bishop!

Odyssey Learning Adventures and Boise magician Bob Bishop provide motivation through creative magical entertainment, life lessons through strategy games, and educational understanding through Math Magic

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Boise magician Bob Bishop will ignite the crowd. Choose an event or gig from the list below:

  1. Educational workshops such as Motivational Magic; Mathmagical Marvels; Mysteries; and Math Manupulatives; and Life Lessons Through Strategy Games.
  2. Corporate workshops such as Motivation Secrets for Successful Creative Leaders.
  3. Motivational keynotes such as Magical Thought Experiments on Creativity; and Magical Thought Experiments on Education.
  4. School magic programs such as Math Magic; and Dr. Lamebrain’s Crazy Laboratory.
  5. Corporate illusion presentations such as Motivation Secrets of Successful Creative Leaders.

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The mind is not a bucket to be filled but a fire to be ignited and continually kindled. -Plutarch

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bob bishop with wild thing

Bob Bishop

Bob Bishop is a motivational speaker, magician, amusionist and educator. Thousands of audiences and groups have experienced the creative magic of Bob. He is more than a magician, more than a motivational speaker and more than storyteller. His goal is to spark the creative magic in everyone he speaks to. For more than two decades he has entertained and inspired individuals to live up to their potential. Bob has a passion to bring wonder, to ignite creativity and to inspire others to make a difference.

Boise Magician

Magicians in Boise, Idaho like Bob Bishop are very difficult to come by. Bishop infuses any event, gig, party, or assembly with magic unlike any thing seen in the Treasure Valley.

Bob Bishop close up