Corporate Shows

Have Einstein motivate your company!

Invite Einstein to speak to your group and share his Magical Thought Experiments.

You will hear Einstein making poignant comments about education, creativity and leadership from actual quotes of Einstein. Programs are filled with humor and entertaining illusions engaging the whole audience and using many audience members. The programs are filled with wise messages and practical tips that stimulate everyone to stay focused on your core values, to stretch their imaginations, and to promote intelligent action.

bob with adults

The Magical Thought Experiments presentations are Entertaining, Educational, Inspirational, Playful, Passionate and Humorous programs filled with illusions and audience participation. Invite a unique kind of motivational speaker for your next major meeting or conference!

fire cheifs watching bob

“Bob’s performance served to bring the conference to a fun climax because the audience saw the speakers having fun; their topics highlighted and were amazed at the illusions and roaring with laughter at the humor.”

Here are just a few of Presentations available:

  • Magical Thought Experiments on Education
  • Magical Thought Experiments on Creativity
  • Magical Thought Experiments on Leadership
  • Magical Thought Experiments on Change

Magical Thought Experiments are perfect for:

  • Convention or Conference Openings: Set your theme, open minds, promote mental flexibility, increase collaboration for your meeting.
  • Convention or Conference Closings: Send them home inspired and thought-full. Help them clarify important take home values and ideas, and plant seed thoughts for future work.
  • Breakfasts, Luncheons and Evening Banquets, Workshops and Breakouts
  • School Math Programs: Have Einstein amaze and astound teachers and students with Motivational Magic!