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Twelve Motivation Secrets of Successful Creative Leaders

Leaders like yourself need to know how to be ahead of others in your thinking. You need to be ahead in your innovative energy, ahead in your ideas, and ahead in your motivation. To motivate others to succeed you must have a mind that strives for peak performance. This seminar will reveal twelve secrets that will motivate you to be that successful creative leader. You will be surprised with the elegant simplicity of these secrets. They are within the reach of anyone who has the desire to learn and utilize these powerful ideas. Drawn from the early life of Einstein and blended with cutting edge brain research and stage illusions, Bob Bishop uses his experience of over 15 years as an international creative consultant and 13 years teaching gifted students to bring you a dozen powerful practical techniques to motivate you to be a successful creative leader.

  • Specifically Designed for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Teachers.
  • Innovative ideas for igniting you and others to reach full potential.
  • Proven, practical strategies for motivating you and others to use their strengths and talents to the fullest extent possible.
  • Engaging methods and activities that will stimulate creativity in solving problems, developing products, and completing projects.


Ancient wisdom: Winning Ways for a Strategic Leader

  • A strategic leader uses patterns in order to practice winning principles.
  • A strategic leader knows his own leadership style and understands styles of others.
  • A strategic leader perfects his skills in the training academy to perform well in the public arena.
  • A strategic leader orchestrates his team toward a common goal.
  • A strategic leader realizes that life deals unexpected situations but lives as if successful results rely on his own wise choices.
  • A strategic leader utilizes proven guidelines for each phase of the game.
  • A┬ástrategic leader takes advantage of his advantage.
  • A strategic leader continually seeks to grow in character.


Twelve Motivation Secrets of Successful Creative Leaders

  • Passionately exercise your creative thinking
  • Get hooked on the joy of learning
  • Pursue your sense of wonder
  • Energize your childlike imagination
  • Perceive the universe as a puzzle to be solved
  • Build precision and persistence in all you do
  • Orchestrate connections in your thinking
  • Immerse yourself in a stimulating environment
  • Develop radical independent thinking
  • Join a community that motivates your creativity
  • Make questioning a central activity of your life
  • Fashion a vision for your future

Practical ideas that can be implemented immediately and will change your life.

This outstanding, NEW seminar offers breakthrough methods for creating the conditions for productive creativity. Productive creativity is the source of innovation and inventiveness that will mold the future. Creativity is often associated only with the arts, but productive creativity has applications for all areas. People may be adept at knowledge-based skills but weak in innovative conceptual skills. This is because many highly intelligent people have not been taught how to be creative. Productive creativity can be nurtured if conditions are right for an appropriate interaction to take place between the people and the environment (Renzulli).

Bob Bishop, a gifted classroom teacher and nationally known presenter, will provide practical ways to make the conditions for productive creativity to blossom. He will offer a wealth of research-based and tested ideas for helping anyone develop their creativity. He will demonstrate how this emphasis on creativity will engage even the reluctant and will encourage excellence in all who dare to listen.

You will leave this seminar with dozens of exciting strategies for engaging others with independent thinking, a sense of wonder and enjoyment for learning.

Become a Game changer!