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Igniting and Unleashing Creativity in the Gifted Student

…so that they excel and reach their full potential

Creativity Specifically Designed for Educators, Classroom Teachers, Gifted Education Teachers, Resource Teachers, Instructional Aides, and Administrators.

This outstanding, NEW seminar offers breakthrough methods for creating the conditions for productive creativity in your gifted program. But much of this material is applicable to any classroom. Productive creativity is the source of innovation and inventiveness that will mold the future. Creativity is often associated only with the arts, but productive creativity has applications across the curriculum and is the underlying connection for all content areas. The gifted student may be adept at knowledge-based skills but weak in innovative conceptual skills. This is because many highly intelligent students have not been taught how to be creative. Productive creativity can be nurtured if conditions are right for an appropriate interaction to take place between the gifted students and the environment (Renzulli).

What will you learn?

  • Innovative ideas for igniting students’ creativity to help them reach their full potential
  • Proven, practical strategies for motivating your gifted students to use their strengths and talents to the fullest extent possible
  • Engaging methods and activities that will stimulate creativity in solving problems, developing products, and completing projects
  • Low-cost, no-cost practical ideas that can be implemented immediately without large amounts of extra time and planning

Bob Bishop, a gifted classroom teacher and nationally known presenter, will provide practical ways to make the conditions for productive creativity to blossom. He will offer a wealth of research-based and classroom-proven ideas for helping your students develop their creativity. He will demonstrate how this emphasis on creativity will engage reluctant students and will encourage academic excellence in all students.

You will leave this seminar with dozens of exciting strategies for engaging the student with independent thinking, a sense of wonder and enjoyment for learning. These valuable ideas will help you maximize academic success for your students no matter what service option you use within your classroom, school, or district.


Creating Motivational Magic in the Classroom

What if students really “got” what you taught? What if you could motivate their hearts to yearn and their minds to learn? What if you could produce engaging learning moments that would build lasting intrinsic motivation in your students? We believe it is possible with ideas presented in this workshop. In this workshop Bob Bishop (Idaho’s Math Magician and award winning Teacher of elementary school gifted students) will take you on an exciting adventure of state-of-the-art research-based strategies that will arouse curiosity, enhance understanding, engage reluctant learners and stimulate under-achievers. You will learn fun-filled energizers to add pizzazz to your teaching that will multiply passion for learning. This will be an active, jaw-dropping, knee-slapping, eye-popping, group-building magical experience with practical tips and tools, not a “sit and get” workshop.


Understanding is there for the Asking

How do you motivate your students to catch the question bug?

How do you ask enticing, enriching, engaging, and enduring questions? How do you motivate students to ask fat, productive, and active questions? You can teach students to ask good questions, to be curious, to take the initiative in pursuing answers, to master the investigative process, and be knowledge detectives. In this class, you will learn how to create a questioning climate that will be an Olympic gymnasium for the mind. You will learn how to encourage inquisitiveness and develop question games that will promote higher level thinking. Questioning will transform your students from armchair spectators into active champion learners. You will also learn how to evaluate your Intelligent Question score. As Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”


Mathmagical Marvels, Mysteries, and Math Manipulatives

This course will train teachers to use math games, activities and math manipulatives that will engage elementary grade students in computational and problem solving activities. These are activities that have been developed by the teacher, Bob Bishop (The Math Magician), and are student tested. The goal is to supply the teacher with unique resources, creative new approaches and math applications that will help students learn computational skills and problem solving.

bob in class 2

Thinking like a Problem Solver: Strategic Problem Solving Tools for the Student

What do we teach students who rely on getting answers quickly but are frozen when the problems are too difficult to solve immediately? How do we teach that thinking really happens when we don’t know the answer? Problem solving is a skill and art that is sharpened with reflective practice. In this workshop, Bob Bishop, Idaho’s Math Magician will teach 16 ready-to-use problem solving tools, the characteristics of a good problem solver, the Attitude Factor, how to overcome math anxiety, and the W.A.S.H. technique for solving problems. Be ready for some unforgettable activities and puzzles as you learn how to inspire confidence, concentration and courage in problem solving.

Game Crossing: Winning Ways for the Game of Life

“Human beings are never more ingenious than in the invention of games.”
(Leibniz). Bob Bishop, the Math Magician, presents this new workshop on the art of playing and creating strategy games. Here is a fun way to teach critical thinking, math, inventiveness, and problem solving. Participants will learn how to design, play and apply games by exploring an assortment of simple strategy games. You will learn how to teach strategic thinking and how students have applied tactical thinking to life skills. Using creative and differentiated instruction, you will learn how to help students transform strategic play into winning ways for the game of life. If you want to learn to play and play to learn, come to this workshop! Let the games begin!

Discrepancies: Creating Engaging Moments from Discrepant Events

Do you want your students to regain a sense of wonder in learning? Led by Bob Bishop, the Math Magician, here is a workshop that will rattle your brain and motivate your students to question the mysteries of ordinary life. Discrepant events are attention getting, thought-provoking approaches to initiate inquiry – motivating the observer with a “Wonderlust” feeling. Bob Bishop, the Math Magician, will provide a workshop that will rattle your brain and motivate your students to question the mysteries of ordinary life.

Creating Magical Moments in Math

After years of persuasion, Bob Bishop (The Math Magician) will reveal some of his most favorite secrets of math magic. He will discuss performance, psychology, and the math behind the magic of some of the best math illusions. You will experience the wonder of math and teach math concepts in a magical way. You will receive a hatful of Mathemagic, Calculaconjuring, Arithmetricks, and Algecadabra tricks to use in your classroom. Come if you want a hands-on, mind-on workshop that will give you many tricks-of-the-trade to add to your wonder and enjoyment of the Magic of Math.

Check out the amazing benefits from attending one of Odyssey Learning Adventures Creative Workshops

  • Learn Valuable Methods, Techniques and Tools to Ignite Productive Creativity in Your Gifted and Highly Capable Students.

Discover innovative, cutting-edge ways to encourage the use of creativity as your students solve problems, tackle issues, write reports, and build projects.

  • Build a Classroom Environment that Will Promote Innovation and Creativity.

Dozens of ready-to-use ideas for developing the conditions that stimulate the use of productive creativity … Inspire your students to go beyond the easy solution to look for the innovative one.

  • Raise Academic Achievement While Strengthening Creativity.

Guide your students to higher levels of academic success and productivity with challenging strategies that derive from creative thinking … Watch your students’ motivation and engagement increase.

  • Incorporate New Approaches to Questioning, Strategizing and Innovative Thinking.

Take your students to higher levels of performance with powerful techniques that encourage creative and critical thinking across the curriculum … See these techniques modeled by one of the greatest thinkers in history (A surprise visit!)

  • Apply the Latest Research on Brain-Based Learning.

Learn how new research on the brain applies to students and creative productivity … Dozens of tips and ideas for implementing activities that ignite the creative process.

  • Motivate Your Unmotivated Gifted and Highly Capable Students.

Because many students are often bored and out-of-sync with the educational system this workshop offers strategies to engage the student with independent thinking, a sense of wonder and enjoyment for learning.

  • Use Collaboration Groups as well as Individual Methods for Encouraging Creative Results.

Learn how to balance individual creativity and collaboration skills. You will be provided with many fun, non-threatening techniques to help the student engage in creative team building.

  • Incorporate Proven Tools for Identifying and Overcoming the Blocks that Inhibit Creativity in the Student.

Learn techniques that will help overcome perfectionism, underachievement, fear of risk-taking, and excessive self-criticism.

  • Activate Project-Based Learning that Fosters Creativity.

Learn how to teach to a variety of learning styles, using hands-on “real” world oriented activities. Teach how to provide in-depth understanding where students are responsible and have ownership for their own learning, where the learning process is valued as well as the learning project, where learning is multidisciplinary and where the teacher is a facilitator of creative learning.

  • Receive an Extensive Resource Handbook.