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Gameology teaches life skills through strategy games.

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These skills inspire winning attitudes, accelerated learning, and life-long education.

We invite everyone to “Learn to Play, Play to Learn”.

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Gameology uses a fun interactive approach to improving life skills by bridging techniques utilized in games with daily life and learning.

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Gameology offers classes, workshops, and camps to teach strategic living, winning attitudes and fun using strategy games.

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Bob Bishop, creator of Odyssey Learning Adventures, has loved math, games, and puzzles since he was a child. He has been a classroom teacher for High School, Middle school and teaching Gifted students on an Elementary School level for 13 years. He has presented his programs to hundreds of schools and thousands of students nationwide and in Taiwan.

Appearing as Mister X (The Illusionist), The Math Magician, Einstein, or even the Zany Dr. Lamebrain, he teaches teachers with keynotes and workshops and gives students long remembered workshops and assemblies. His classroom experience and training in brain-based education gives him unique insight into the vital need for quality math education to keep our country on the innovative edge.

Bob’s commitment and passion for math are obvious as he teaches. Bob’s programs are fun, dynamic and intellectually engaging.

Bob, Miriam and Ben

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