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You can bring the Magic of Math to your school this school year!!

Bob Bishop, Idaho’s Math Magician, is back with a newer, larger and more exciting!

lightblub_blueDoes your school need a boost in mathematics?

Do your students need some math motivation?

Do your teachers need some new ideas in math?

Does your school need a memorable event focused on your math improvement goals?

Math Magic Family Night program!

Math should be fun, entertaining, challenging, and memorable.

The Math Magician’s programs are interactive, informative, fun  and definitely memorable!!

Total audience involvement for the entire school family!!

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Participants will learn about:

  •  The power and importance of mathematics
  • The magic of probabilities
  •  The magic of equality
  •  The power of the mind and effort to achieve school success
  •  The adventure and excitement of mathematics
  • The power of perseverance in school
  •  Escaping from Brain Chains
  •  The power of  Additude

Here is another raving review of The Math Magician from a school district visited this week!!

Posted by Math Magician on Thursday, March 5, 2015
The Math Magician can visit your school and teach students, teachers and coordinate a family Magic of Math evening.  But because of availability this is on a first come first serve basis. 
Book him now! His schedule fills up quickly!

"Mr. Bishop’s activities make math an exciting mind expanding experience.”

“I thought it was very well thought out, rich with ideas and materials, and enjoyable.”

“I have never seen my students more spellbound for 60 minutes as they were for Bob Bishop, the Math-Magician. His program generated many interesting discussions later in the classroom setting.”



“Fast paced with a wealth of useful information.”

“Wonderful activities to use with my students. Right on target!”

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The Cost?

School Assembly or Family Math Night $700 (Reduced price for multiple programs)
Back to School Sale!! If your date is reserved before Sept. 30th save $50

-Math Magic week: $500 a day of 50-60 min. classes.

-Teacher in-services $500 plus price of workbooks.


“In my experience working with students I have noticed a continued weakness in math skills and a need to teach math in a way that will inspire elementary students to love math at an early age. The idea that would help address this need and dovetail with Idaho’s Math Goals is a hands-on interactive school program for all elementary school age students. It is a vision of bringing the Magic of Math programs to every elementary classroom in Idaho to help equip teachers and students with the joy of learning and teaching mathematics. ” -Bob Bishop

What the Math Magician offers is an additional boost of excitement and enthusiasm for math.

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Bob Bishop has been known as Idaho’s Math Magician for more than 20 years. He has gained media notoriety as the Math Magician from television to countless newspaper articles (including the Idaho Statesman Life Section). He has won many awards for teaching and his students have also won many scholarly awards. He was awarded the GEM award for teaching Idaho’s gifted students. He has taught the gifted students in Boise for 18 years, has helped coordinate Micron’s Math Meet, has taught BSU and NNU classes in teacher development in mathematics, has taught for the Bureau of Education (BER), is a certified in Brain-based educator, has taught ICTM math conventions and Edu-fest gifted conference for 17 years. He has presented to teachers and students from Boston to Los Angeles to Taiwan to California, and in Idaho.

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Education leaders in Idaho consistently hear from employers and colleges and universities in Idaho that Idaho students do not have the math skills they need to succeed in the work force or a post-secondary education setting when they graduate from high school. Scores on statewide assessments also show a troubling trend in math as students move through our K-12 system: Therefore, we must improve math education across all grades in Idaho to ensure we prepare every student to live, work and succeed in the 21st century.

Math Magic on Target

“I have a vision to visit every elementary classroom to help equip teachers and students with the art and joy of learning mathematics. There are many bored, non-engaged students who have a lack of understanding in numeracy skills. What I would like to offer is the Magic of Math to change attitudes and to ignite motivation for math success.” -Bob Bishop

Bob has coordinated his Family Math nights for more than 20 years. And for a selected few schools he will come for a week-long resident Math Magician. Bob would visit every classroom and give unique student workshops that blend hands-on activities, interactive games, and math magic that the teachers can build upon. He would also provide inservice training for the teachers by providing state and nationally aligned games and activities that will empower teachers with methods to teach the curriculum in motivating and memorable ways.

Math Magic Stage

No other program comes close to the benefits of the Magic of Math!

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Motivation for students to succeed in math.


Attitude change in students for mathematics.


Guidance for teacher effectiveness and student improvement.


Innovative teaching ideas.


Competency and confidence in mathematics.

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“This has been the most energizing seminar I have ever attended in 37 years as a teacher. The book is absolutely awesome and every page is a true gem. I’ve been feeling very burned out but now I feel that I can do my best again. I wish all my administrators and teachers could benefit from Bob’s energy and message. Thank you for letting me see that there are still educators who believe in children as people and not as numbers on a chart. I have decided not to retire!”
Diena Hurtado Teacher, Anaheim, California

“Bob has a unique way on engaging his audience- whether they are children or adults. They are captivated by his humor, his intelligence, and gentle manner. Bob teaches in such a way that the participants don’t even realize they are being challenged and taught something at the same time. I would attend any workshop or class Bob taught, knowing that I will come away with more skills and knowledge than when I walked in– and have fun while doing it!”
Sue March 6th grade Cynthia Mann Elementary

“When Bob Bishop teachers he is articulate, expressive, and engages the learner in the adventure and discovery of learning. Young or old, Bob Bishop prompts the learner into new territory where learning is once again, fun, worthwhile, relevant, and meaningful.”
Scott Ziemer Teacher/Counselor

“The exposure to the wit and wisdom of Bob Bishop has indelibly impressed upon me his dedication to his students and effective teaching, his commitment to include humor in his presentations and personal interactions, and his personal high standards of achievement for himself and his students. Observing Bob will stimulate recollections of Socrates and Aristotle-Socrates for his incessant use of questions, and Aristotle for his demand for evidence for student opinions.”
Larry Rogien Education Dept. Head Boise State University

“Bob Bishop’s special skills as an educator, creative teacher, author, curriculum developer and professional magician put everything he teaches into sharp focus. His research abilities, creative style, high energy deliveries, practical applications and humor make him a sought-after presenter. This mixture of experience as a magician and educator makes his presentations a unique blend of entertainment and sound pedagogy. When you watch Bob, it is obvious that his desire goes beyond entertainment and instruction. Watching him work with a group of students, mixing magic and mathematics, is to be amazed at his ability to completely involve a very difficult audience."
Nick Johnson Middle school teacher/ President of Math-Explosion

“Bob Bishop, math wizard extraordinaire, presented his hallmark math antics, games, and puzzles before parents and students at our first family math night. The cafetorium was packed with kids having fun with numbers. We gave Bob and the event a 10. The kids loved the wizard and so did we!”
Debbie Hertzog PTA President Seven Oaks Elementary

“Fantastic! Captivating! Challenging! Thorough! Creative! Very Knowledgeable! Humorous! Engaging! Committed! Gifted and talented teacher. Bob Bishop is a master teacher who makes learning come alive for his students. He can take any topic and present it in a way that allows new insights. Prepare to be both challenged and entertained.”
Cheryl Richardson Hillcrest GATE Center

“Bob’s fast paced yet calm presentations sparkle with wit and humor. His years of classroom experience and connection with children are reflected in examples to which every teacher relates. He applies his in-depth knowledge of brain-based learning in his classroom and in his presentations. Bob is a unique presenter. You will remember this presentation and use the material in it.”
Rita Hoffman, Gifted Program Supervisor, Boise School District

“Bob is energizing, motivating and …fun!!!! He makes you think, analyze, debate, and enjoy all at the same time. A session with Mr. Bishop is always worth attending because you never leave ‘empty minded’.”
Linda Stokes GATE teacher Collister Elementary School

“Bob Bishop is an amazing educator! He brilliantly enriches the lives of all children and freely gives of his time. He engages all learners in exciting, stimulating, and challenging activities that motivates, enriches, and develops their love of learning.”
Jaci Guilford 4th grade teacher

News Article – Math Magic

Math Magician helps Students to Want to Study Numbers USA

POCATELLO, IDAHO – A new spin has been put on mathematics as Tendoy Elementary students use some magic to study various math concepts.

Bob Bishop, the Math Magician, has delighted students in kindergarten through sixth grade and teachers with his magic skills and math abilities over the past week.

“Math is so necessary in life,” he said. “It’s not just making math fun, but it’s also trying to attach some sense of understanding for students.”

Fifth grade teacher Vicki Reeder’s class had the opportunity to spend some time with Bishop while working on problem solving skills. Students worked with calculators, the box of magic, learned how to do multiplication tables with their fingers, played a game called Fast and Loose and other activities.

During a game of fast and loose, Bishop produced a single chain and proceeded to fold it into a series of loops. Students were asked to pick a loop and place their finger inside it. If they had guessed correctly the loop would stay around their finger. However, if they guessed incorrectly, the loop would slip away.

“You will win if you know mathematics, but you’ll lose if you don’t,” Bishop said.

Students learned how to follow the loops and determine the correct place to put their fingers.

Bishop has been performing for students and other audiences for 20 years and says he continually teaches students and teachers how math can be fun.

He said many students work with arithmetic but don’t fully understand problem solving skills.

With the help of a little magic, students are forced to observe the environment around them for any changes and think about possible outcomes.

“Generally students don’t really care to do math because it’s not fun,” Bishop said. “By making it interesting and proving to them they can do it, it helps to raise their self-esteem and interest level in math.”

Bishop will perform along with Tendoy Elementary students at 6:30 p.m. today for a Math Night.

Fifth grade student Quinci Shelley is acting as Bishop’s assistant during the show and said she can’t wait to perform for other students.

“I think it’s cool and it’s a good opportunity for us,” she said. “Some people don’t like math, but when they see this show it sparks their interest.”

Fifth grade student Brant Leo will lead the audience in applause, but said working with Bishop has been great because he’s learned new things.

“He’s helping students to improve their math by using cool tricks,” he said.

“Bob Bishop is a creative and a genius at making math fun. “

“By making math fun, students will learn to enjoy it more and it will give them a sense of pride as they figure out difficult problems,” he said.

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