Math Workshops

Mathmagical Marvels, Mysteries and Math Manipulatives

Starring The Math Magician


This is a collection of student workshops and teacher in-services (computational games, problem solving activities and topological constructions) to make math come alive. This is a blend of math magic, games, and puzzles while reinforcing computational skills and problem solving. This includes class visitations and a family math night that will change how students and parents see math. These family math nights are designed to show that math can be fun!


These illusions and fantastic feats of mathematical wizardry will bring joy and delight to all grades and teachers. Bob Bishop is well-known for his math magic programs nationwide and recently in Taiwan. These programs have been life-changing for many of the volunteers and memorable to all.

Mathmatical Mind Connections

The human mind is continually searching for sense making connections with which to view the world around it. This workshop is the brainchild of Idaho’s Math wizard: Bob Bishop. After years of intense research and joyful playing with numbers he has skillfully connected history, art, science, and linguistic studies with mathematics. He has discovered there are great unifying themes through which to view the world. In Mathematical Mind Connections he offers a manageable and exciting way to explore the universe and connect seemingly disconnected topics with each other. Each participant will be part of a group exploring a particular number and its occurrence in various disciplines and facets of our culture and the world. Your mind will expand. You and your students will never see math just as numbers again.


Game Crossing: Winning Ways for the Game of Life

Human beings are never more ingenious than in the invention of games. (Leibniz). Bob Bishop, the Math Magician presents this new workshop on the art of playing and creating strategy games. Here is a fun way to address the needs of any student and teach critical thinking, math, inventiveness, and problem solving. Participants explore an assortment of marketed and student-created games. You will learn how to teach strategic thinking and how students have applied tactical thinking to life skills. Using creative and differentiated instruction, you will learn how to help students transform strategic play into winning ways for the game of life. If you want to learn to play and play to learn, this will be the workshop you want!!


Thinking like a Problem Solver: Strategic problem solving tools

What does a person do when they think? Do they take on a physical posture? Do they go through some mental process? What tools can we teach students who rely on getting answers quickly but are frozen when the problems are too difficult to solve immediately? Students need to know that thinking is what you do when you do not know the answer. Problem solving is a skill that is sharpened with practice. In this workshop you will learn 15 ready-to-use problem solving tools and 16 strategic habits of the mind. You will learn how to teach and use these tools with activities in a way you will never forget.